Realising the power of the feet

(C) Milly Nash

Reflexology was the first therapy I studied and practiced professionally (1999).  I was involved in a serious road traffic accident in my teenage years which had a profound effect that has rippled through my life.  In my mid twenties I still hadn’t processed the shock in my body and changes that felt imposed upon me.  A chance meeting on an Open University Summer School with a reflexologist began a holistic healing journey for which I will always be grateful.  A myriad of therapeutic approaches had never quite offered the release I needed but I believe reflexology brought all of those approaches together and opened  spaces to allow the shock and pain to be released.  Osteopathy, yoga and homeopathy completed my recovery.

Soon after my initial professional training, I met Lynne Booth.  Lynne is based in Bristol and has developed a technique called Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT).  For 18 years she has been exploring the breadth of VRT and medical studies have been completed to show the efficacy of the therapy but not always explaining the how part.  I was lucky to assist Lynne on her courses and then our paths parted.

I spent today working with 5 other reflexologists under the guidance of Lynne working with techniques to focus on mobilisation, addressing sleep issues, deeper musculo skeletal work (particularly for the sciatic nerve, piriformis, quadratus lumborum and psoas) and helping the pelvis to adjust to a position of balance which translates up the spine.

It was so lovely to refresh some ideas and learn more focused ways of working.  I use VRT regularly alongside reflexology and the phrase, ‘that’s magic’ is often used.  I think it’s time to bring VRT into massage and individual yoga lessons.  It is something I have thought of doing and after today realise there should have been less thinking and more doing!

Looking forward to sharing the joy!


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