Sthira and sukha

The summer sessions are focused on the idea of sthira and sukha.  In the yoga sutras, (Chapter 2.46) it says that for an asana (posture) to be experienced we need both sthira and sukha.  This relationship can be translated as strength and flexibility or discipline and freedom or challenge and ease.  It does not just relate to physical aspects of practice.

We can consider this relationship with how we treat ourselves and the expectations we place on how we act.  Our practice includes time with the AK (pause after the inhale) and the BK (pause after the exhale).  When faced with something new, we can berate our ability to do rather than allowing it to happen and waiting to see what is revealed.  The practice holds us in a space (sthira) and if we choose to meet the practice with openness (sukha) we may be offered something profound.




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