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I have been studying Ayurveda since last August. I had looked at this philosophy in the past and found it difficult to grasp. I decided I needed a teacher to guide me on my journey and found the School of Ayurveda. It has been a big journey for me, professionally and personally, and it isn’t over yet; I suspect it never will be. The teachers at the school are amazing; a team of Ayurvedic and medical doctors, yoga practitioners and a very patient Sanskrit teacher.

Ayurveda means ‘the knowledge of life’ or the knowledge of health. It is based on a five-element theory much like traditional Chinese medicine. The five elements coalesce to form three energies known as the doṣas: vāta, pitta and kapha. Every person is a unique combination of the three doṣas, and although all three doṣas are present, for most people one doṣa dominates. The nature of the doṣa is to go out of balance. Our whole being is constantly working to bring balance. At conception we our doṣic combination is decided and this is our optimum state. From this time on our environment plays its part. Everything we take in, needs to be processed; this includes thoughts, emotions, interactions, experiences and nourishment.

My training has focused on Ayurvedic theory and applying it to look at lifestyle and habitual practices and nutritional choices. What is healthy for one person may not be healthy for another. When we are out of balance, we often crave the foods and drinks that emphasise this imbalance. Initially this can be experienced day to day in our energy levels, our clarity of thought, our quality of sleep and the comfort (or lack of comfort) in the body. We all know that our day to day choices affect our health and if unchecked, we can end up living with a range of conditions and unhelpful symptoms.

My first case study has been me. I am benefitting hugely and am continuing to change habits and my food choices. Small changes can make big differences. It’s an exciting evolution and it takes time. I cannot expect myself to find a new shape without giving myself the time and commitment to do so. It will come as no surprise that Ayurveda is a sister philosophy to yoga.

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I have begun to work with clients (case studies). I am enjoying sharing the philosophy and supporting people to make sustainable healthier decisions without stress or self-judgement. I have seen energy levels improve and self-awareness grow. Until we are aware of what is unhealthy for us, we do not know what changes will be helpful. In working with individuals, there is a realisation that although there are some general principles, they have to be modified to support your unique make-up and the life you inhabit.

If you are interested in learning more, drop me a note. This service will be available in the Summer with consultations taking place in person and online: Contact

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