I’m celebrating

I’ve just taught a face to face yoga lesson in my garden and it was wonderful! I felt nervous. This was not because of the pandemic but because I felt I was stepping into the new and unknown, then my lovely person turned up and it was completely normal, familiar, lovely and human. She has confirmed that she is a very happy outdoor student!

Yoga teachers have been able to teach outside to groups of six for sometime but as the online provision suited most of you, I decided to continue classes online and these still continue. We have been meeting online for 17 weeks! After some organisation at the weekend, I am very happy to say that there is access to my garden, where there is a private space to work together in the real world. In line with Government guidelines, we are able to maintain a distance of two metres and there is copious fresh air.

You can book online or contact me direct. I will contact you on the day of your lesson to confirm that the weather is on our side (and to check that you have none of the Covid-19 symptoms or been in contact with someone who has Covid-19).

  • Full rate @ £45.00
  • Lower rate @ £35.00
  • Please provide your own yoga equipment

I could teach a small group in the garden but it isn’t a nice flat rectangular space! It’s a Long Ashton up and down garden! If a few of you fancy giving it a go let me know and I will set up a taster session.

All online provision remains. Thank you for your continued support and openness to doing yoga differently. I think we have all adapted incredibly well. Yoga = strength and flexibility; wouldn’t be without it.

Happy days!

Yvonne x

2 Comments on “I’m celebrating

  1. Hi Yvonne

    Interesting to read about your outside yoga.

    I’m a big fan of outside work and have been providing outside therapy and supervision for years – mostly at Ashton Court. Then a couple of weeks ago I launched out and ran a course outside (for the restricted 6) on the Downs, Bristol and last week in Leigh Woods, both very successful because o course being outside has SO many more dimensions to offer

    So glad you’ve found this niche for your work

    Love Annie


  2. How lovely Yvonne well done you!! It must have felt very different after all these weeks and months of online work, and very special to have held your lesson outside in the garden! Just seen the latest announcement re gyms etc so hoping this might mean you are able to offer reflexology and massage again?? If so would love to book in a treatment in early August!! Warmest wishes Kate

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