Did you know …

… that I’ve been in my complementary therapy role for nearly 20 years?  I was writing some editorial for the local paper, to go with my advert and thought I would share it with you. Some clients have been seeing me for many years, others now and then or for a short course of bodywork.  I thought you might like to have a quick summary of reasons to spend time with me at Yanley Court!

I use different bodywork modalities to support clients, raising awareness of and releasing unhelpful holding patterns. The aim is to reduce physical and mental discomfort or anxiety arising from the rhythm of life.

YOGA promotes strength, flexibility & stillness through posture and breath work IMG_3222 copycreating a reflective space. Classes are on Wednesdays and Fridays. I also teach individuals and couples (or two friends) to work with bespoke practices at home. Yoga practice puts the support in place for self-development and transformation.

THAI MASSAGE is a remedial and therapeutic bodywork received on a couch or IMG_2949 TM supine foot press hs clsfuton; the client remains clothed. Palm pressing, gentle elbow work and passive stretching promote muscles and joints that are strong and flexible. You can start the massage feeling restricted and finish feeling grounded and taller. All techniques are mindfully applied to reassure the body and release tension.

REFLEXOLOGY is based on the theory that different points on the feet, lower leg, IMG_2889 vrt 7IMG_2874 reflex smilehands, face or ears correspond with different areas of the body. Different textures felt in the reflexes highlight areas requiring attention; you may experience this as tenderness, numbness or sharpness.  Reflexology is a holistic approach to promote health, well-being and release physical and emotional tension.

REIKI (ray-key) is Japanese for ‘spiritual energy’ and is the word used to describe a IMG_2918 reiki backsystem of natural healing. There are different Reiki teachings but all aim to support the person emotionally and spiritually.  I think of Reiki as a shared meditative practice. Words fall short when trying to describe it.  I recommend booking in and finding out what it means to you. (Reiki Shares, Courses and Days also available)

Let me know if you want more information.  You can follow the links to relevant pages by clicking on EMBOLDENED words above



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