This page is to support your class and individual lesson practice. It is for revision rather than teaching. I did not want to produce handouts for them to be consigned to recycling. If the information is here, it is available when you want to refresh your memory or have another read. You can download the information if it is helpful. You can find information on:

  • Finger counting
  • Hand mudras
  • An introduction to pranayama
  • Pranayama techniques

Pranayama should be developed with the guidance of a yoga teacher. Manipulating the breath is a serious practice and a gentle approach is required; not all practices are appropriate for all people. When I kept a diary for six months as I worked through different practices, I really cooked mentally; my teacher grounded and supported me. This experience is unlikely to be replicated by a short weekly practice but I mention it here to highlight the need to respect your natural breathing patterns

Obviously, this information is not exhaustive and I have focused on my teaching of yoga. I have used resources from the funky guru written by Ranju Roy and Dave Charlton, Sadhana Mala, as well as my experience of practice. If something does not make sense, we can discuss it in class or at your lesson. You can also email me with your questions and reflections: Contact

Pranyama Techniques in Practice

I have made short videos showing how I practice and teach the techniques; normal rough cut rules, no polishing:

ujjayi (ocean breath, throat contro)
anuloma ujjayi (alternate nostril breathing on exhale)
nadi sodhana (alternate breathing on inhale and exhale)

Bhramari (bee breath)

If something doesn’t make sense or you’ve been taught differently, let me know. I would be interested to hear your experience and feedback: Contact

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