yoga with guided meditation

This class is a longer, two-hour class to include asana (postures) and an extended guided meditation (similar to yoga nidra) followed by Ayurvedic tea to wake you up for your journey home. It is open to everyone.

Next class: Spring 2020

  • Cost @ £15 per person (spaces need to be booked and paid in advance)
  • What to bring: the guided meditation will contain similar elements to Yoga Nidra which tends to be experienced lying down. You will be still for about half an hour. Some bolsters and cushions are available if lying in savasana for that length of time is difficult. You also have the option of sitting in a chair or on a meditation stool. Whatever position you choose, ideally you will not be changing it during the practice.

If an evening of gentle practice and calm journeying appeals, send me a message to book your space: contact

One comment

  • Hi Yvonne I cant make the October date but would be interested in joining the yoga / meditation on 18th December please Annie


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