Friday Early Bird Yoga

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It may not feel like the best time of day for yoga but it is! Join me at 7.30 am for an hour of yoga and breathwork to ease out the week to give a great start to Friday leading into the weekend.

There is currently a pool of ten people who enjoy coming to this class.  Most of them cannot make any other time but have a desire to practice with others.  However, everyone has a number of life commitments so occasionally no one is available for class.  I have considered stopping the class but I love teaching it and when people do make it, they love it too.

So for the time being, I am trying the following approach: if less than three people have said they are coming by midday on a Thursday, the class will be put on hold for that week and we will aim to meet the following Friday. I am keeping an email list of everyone who comes to the class and will confirm whether or not it is on by Thursday afternoon.

You do not need to be an experienced yogi, contortionist or the perfect shape. If it’s the first time you’ve considered yoga or are just curious, you are very welcome. There is always a variation or adaptation to how we work. If you are experienced that’s great too – come along.

The next class is this Friday, 12 October. Each class costs £10 and is ‘pay as you go’.  To book use the online system or email me.  (The next course of classes begins Friday 2 November)  :


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