Yoga at Yanley

Yoga enables us to develop the relationship between the body and breath to create space for the mind to be still and centred.  I teach a traditional form of yoga, often referred to as viniyoga.  This approach integrates the mind, body and breath, creating a meditative practice.  All abilities are welcome.  If necessary, postures (āsana) can be adapted to enable you to experience the energy of the posture and develop the relationship between flexibility and strength.

Different yoga spaces for practice:

the loftClasses – Wednesday Yoga at Yanley and Early Bird Yoga:  I teach three classes on Wednesdays (all year) and an early morning class on Friday (March – October).  Classes are organised in terms where we work with a yoga related theme and a consistent practice.  Classes are not differentiated; all levels of experience are welcome.  Every class ends with some quiet reflection time.  The longer the class, the more time there is to work with the breath and sit quietly.

20170725_114136_resizedIndividual Yoga (Monday – Friday): Together, we work to create a home practice for you.   A home practice is tailored for your own needs and can last from 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the time you have available and what you think is realistic.  ‘Little and often’ is preferable to ‘a lot now and then’.  Your practice will provide a consistent space in which you can build relationship with and develop your yoga.  Sometimes two people book a joint lesson because they like practising together and can support each other to find a space to work in.  If you are new to practice it may be that we meet every 2 – 3 weeks.  If you have some experience, lessons can be more spread out, perhaps every 4, 6, or 8 weeks, for example.

soul (2)Morning Retreats at Yanley: These take place on Sunday mornings, every 2 – 3 months. A time to practice, reflect and connect.  The morning is a place of sangha (community) and includes yoga practices, social time, group discussion and pranayama (seated breathing practice) & meditation.  We have space to explore some yoga philosophy and how we can put it into practice.


Yoga on Dartmoor: This is a biannual event (the next one will be Autumn 2020).  The retreat is open to anyone who would like to step away for a weekend and be in community to share yoga practice, conversation and silent spaces.  New retreatees are very welcome.

Please contact me if you want a conversation to discuss practice.