friday early bird yoga

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Join me at 7.30 am for an hour of yoga and breathwork to ease out the week to give a great start to Friday leading into the weekend.

You do not need to be an experienced yogi, contortionist or the perfect shape. If it’s the first time you’ve considered yoga or are just curious, you are very welcome. There is always a variation or adaptation to how we work. If you are experienced that’s great too – come along.

Next term : 0730-0830, 2 – 30 August (5 weeks)

Payment to be made at the start of term:

  • £45 for the full term, or
  • £25 with a further £5/class attended
  • If it’s mid-term and you are new to the class, pro rata rates available providing there is space

Future Dates:

  • An autumn term will be offered if there is the demand: 20 September – 18 October: 5 weeks
  • Darker months: the class will be suspended until the Spring unless enough people feel they would like to continue with but with a later start time 8.00 am – 9.00 am – let me know!

LINK to Testimonial

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