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Creating practice is about doing it. It’s obvious but a short regular practice outweighs an irregular big hit … having said that some is better than none!

If you’ve not done yoga before, contact Yvonne for a free taster

A daily weekday practice to develop your relationship with yoga – mind, body and breath

Morning Dailies Online

A time to get together to connect, practice and pause: 30 minute yoga practices accessible and open to everyone although some experience is useful. If you haven’t practiced before, please contact me and we can talk about the practice

Practices are breath led and explore stability, flexibility and inner strength. Each class ends with a moment of reflection

You can come to one morning, a few or the whole week. We work with the same practice which allows you to develop a relationship with movement and stillness to reveal the subtlety and depth of sustained practice.

  • Single class:
    • Full rate @ £6.50
    • Lower rate @ £5.00
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Early Morning Dailies

Some testimonials from the Morning Dailies (MDs) – for full stories visit testimonials

Starting the day with yoga really energises me physically and mentally as I go on into my working day.  I’m thankful for the attention Yvonne gives to the questions we ask and the challenges we’ve highlighted and appreciate the way she works with this in the next session – the following day – adjusting her instructions to assist us or modifying (and sometimes extending) postures to support us

Sian – MD Convert!

What a blessing the Morning Dailies have been – providing Yoga instruction to a group of up to 8 of us, every weekday morning at 9.00am (or 7.30 if other things get in the way). In these weird times they have provided a structure to each day and they have provided support from others – laughs and tears. Even more than this, each practice has grown and developed during each week and I have found the cumulative effect really beneficial. I can now touch my toes. My neck is less knotted up. I can manage Cobra without my back pinching.  And I am finally beginning to understand the necessity of breathing practice.  I know I am much healthier, both physically and mentally because of them


… doing the yoga practice has been satisfying. I find myself gardening, bending right down and being aware of being able to do so, thinking I wouldn’t have found this so easy if I hadn’t been doing yoga so regularly