If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.’

Frank A Clark

Light cannot see inside things.

That is what the dark is for

John O’Donohue – For Light

In yoga, meditation is a process that leads to enlightenment or a moment of complete absorption possibly liberation:

  • Dharana: concentration (fixing the mind on one place or in one direction)
  • Dhyana: resonance with the one place or one direction (meditation)
  • Samadhi: complete absorption with the one place or one direction
Book for 2019: The Headspace Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness – THE  JAWESOME LIFE

There are many ways to meditate. Most people know that meditation is beneficial but knowing and doing are two different things. I recommend having a look at Andy Puddicombe’s book. It’s accessible and relevant to everyone who has or wants to establish a meditation practice.

For some people sitting quietly is all that is needed, for others meditation while walking or even exercising feels more doable.

During lock down I started an evening group meditation. A regular group meet on Monday evening and I guide the time we are together. If you think a group would offer you support to begin or maintain a practice, please come along. At the moment this is online. I hope to bring this into the real world but if there is demand I will maintain an online meeting too. I am not a meditation teacher. I am a yoga teacher and human being who practices meditation – with mixed success.

Meditation is not zoning out but active engagement to allow the mind to become focused and clear – samadhi. If we are lucky, most of us experience this in fleeting moments. Perhaps by working together we can cultivate the conditions to allow this to occur more often and to be aware when it does. If the mind does not become clear, that’s ok. Noticing the busyness is meditation. Our meditation tends to be a guided breathing practice or a guided journey with a mixture of me speaking and silence.

The meeting focuses on the meditation with space for a short discussion before and after practice.

    • 9 & 23 November
    • 14 & 21 December
  • Time: 2000 – 2045
  • Full rate £6.50
  • Lower rate £5.00

Online meeting via zoom. Book online or contact me