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It is almost 5 years ago since I first went to Yvonne for a massage and then joined her Wednesday Yoga class. Finding that really helpful I was saddened when lock down meant it no longer functioned. I appreciated it moving online, and then tried out the Morning Dailies. What a blessing they have been – providing Yoga instruction to

Ann (Morning Dailies)

If you are missing your massage sessions with Yvonne because of the Covid 19 lockdown, I would thoroughly recommend her online work. The advice she gives is so helpful and her demonstrations very clear. She will work individually or she is giving classes throughout this strange time. Meeting with her and with other members of the yoga group really lifts

Ann Heymans

‘I’ve been a regular client of Yvonne’s for over ten years now. I first went to see her for help with relief for chronic back pain. I have a slipped disc and eventually, in my fifties, the pain became quite crippling and interfered with my ability to do my job. Initially Yvonne treated me with reflexology, and has since occasionally

Chronic back pain

‘So it was alarm in the dark, and scraping frosted windscreen then mad dash to get to the 7.30 yoga early morning session. My first at this hour at Yanley Court. In candle lit semi darkness, we were a smal intimate group of 4 others. It was wonderful. The quiet and stillness. Witnessing the day awakening: at one point watching

Early Bird Yoga

‘I had signed up to a free taster session at the open day but sadly was unable to attend. Yvonne was so sweet she suggested I visit her on another day for my free session. I was impressed that she did this. I have had Thai massage on a couple of occasions now and we are working on my jaw


‘I can’t recommend Yvonne highly enough and I really do value her therapies, kindness and friendship. I initially went for my first consultation (2013) as I was struggling with some on-going back/neck problems (a lifetime of nursing) and some frustrating menopausal symptoms – night sweats, tiredness, insomnia; unsurprisingly I was not feeling myself and felt like I was losing the

Menopause & Well-being

Some comments about the morning retreat: ‘… a quiet afternoon after a lovely morning.  Thank you for a lovely start to half-term’ ‘… I did enjoy the morning it was perfectly paced. Thank you …’ ‘… It was really lovely.  I’ve missed your classes in that beautiful space, and great to practise again in a group …’ ‘… It was

Morning Retreat

‘I started seeing Yvonne for reflexology.  The idea behind it was for an immune system boost (as I have suffered from frequent chest infections for many years) and for general health and well being, as well as the obvious chance to relax amidst a rather full life style.  Yvonne is very calm and always seems genuinely interested in where I

Reflexology & well-being

‘Having received some amazing healing reiki from friends over the years, that had quite unbelievable results, I decided that I wanted to know more about it. I regularly see Yvonne for reflexology and thai massage, knew that she was a reiki master and found that she was running a course on reiki I very soon. So I signed up and

Reiki Courses

‘Following a wonderful Thai massage (gentle, effective and above all, healing), I approached Yvonne about Reiki training, as I knew that this was also an aspect of her holistic practice. I, along with three others, joined Yvonne for two days of absolute bliss. Yvonne’s open-minded, non-egotistical, loving and caring approach was a joy to be with over the course of

Reiki courses

Thanks so much for creating these – it’s been so wonderful to have been able to participate in these short, accessible yoga practices over the last 4 months or so. Whilst I did enjoy weekly classes in person (in what now feels like the olden days!) I often struggled to get there after work, and so having something at the

Sarah (Morning Dailies)

What are the Morning Dailies?  For me they are what ground my day.  At the beginning of Lockdown I was dubious about yoga classes online…I used to attend Yvonne’s weekly yoga class going straight from work to end my day.  I appreciated the friendship and encouragement of the gathered group as much as I valued the taught practice.  Alongside this

Sian (Morning Dailies)

‘Yvonne was a great help to me during my treatment and recovery from breast cancer. Throughout our weekly sessions her approach was both flexible and supportive. The therapy I received was personally tailored to how I was feeling that day. I enjoyed massage, reflexology and yoga. I always felt more relaxed afterwards and I am sure our sessions together contributed

Supporting clients with cancer

‘I started to see Yvonne for reflexology to help with hormone imbalance linked to menopause. The treatment was calming and supportive. I now have Thai massage which is enormously beneficial in undoing the strains and holding patterns in my body. I find that my time with Yvonne feels like respite from a busy world!’ (Lesley)

Times of life

‘My weekly yoga sessions are an hour and a half in my busy week dedicated just to me. Yvonne has an air of kindness, wisdom and genuine caring ; the loft environment is one of calm and our group is a happy balance of humour and acceptance. Everything is done at your own pace and within your personal limitations. There


‘I joined one of Yvonne’s Yoga classes  after a chance conversation at a mutual friends 50th birthday party. Having previously had only a few brief experiences of Yoga, I was concerned about my inexperience, but was encouraged by Yvonne’s welcoming and inclusive approach which made me feel able to join the group, and join in in the way that I


‘Yvonne has been my yoga teacher for 2 1/2 years, this followed a period of doing Pilates, which I found both too much but not enough; it made my extremely painful neck and shoulder worse and did not address the way I knew yoga made me feel, although then I did not realise how it worked in a mind, body,

Yoga / Reiki

Yvonne, you’re an inspiration and you embody the best of what is a challenging, alien and strange set of circumstances. Your posts and comments radiate warmth, generosity of spirit and positivity and for that I, and I’m sure many others, are truly grateful. Thank you for an excellent yoga session last night, even though it feels a little odd working

Yoga student -Kathie

‘It’s all very well building up an array of tools such as reflexology, reiki, yoga and massage, but this would come to very little without the natural qualities which Yvonne brings to her practice. She has common sense, expresses herself clearly, respectfully and thoughtfully, and can work intuitively on the body, and in turn, the mind.  Yvonne is able to

Yvonne as practitioner