Yoga / Reiki

‘Yvonne has been my yoga teacher for 2 1/2 years, this followed a period of doing Pilates, which I found both too much but not enough; it made my extremely painful neck and shoulder worse and did not address the way I knew yoga made me feel, although then I did not realise how it worked in a mind, body, spirit way. Previous yoga teachers had been either too stern and lacking in humour or a little too chatty, paying no attention to the spiritual and emotional elements. After my first lesson with Yvonne I knew I had stumbled upon exactly the right person.
Yvonne teaches with insight, wisdom and compassion, allowing for humour along the way, though never ridicule!  I find I always finish a session feeling calm and centred, this is as a result of the combined breath work during the yoga and meditation.  I never cease to be amazed at how the yoga draws out  the problems (even if they are deeply buried) and heals in a way I could never have anticipated. The experience is a truly holistic one, often with surprising results on all levels. Whilst the poses do not feel too taxing they work over time, in a very subtle way. I feel much stronger and more flexible. My neck very rarely troubles me and I have benefited enormously in a complete way. If any of us are experiencing problems with any of the class Yvonne is very quick to adapt to our individual needs.
I have also experienced Reiki from Yvonne, with sometimes some deeply profound results, particularly on an emotional and energetic level. A great deal in my life has changed over the past 2 years and I believe the combination of yoga, Reiki and meditation have given me the strength and clarity needed to make the changes and cope with the consequences. This is ongoing!!  Sadly my experience of Reiki Shares has been minimal (due to changes in my life), but never having been involved in any previous group healing sessions, I was made to feel very welcome and encouraged.
In my opinion Yvonne has tremendous healing gifts and is a superb teacher. I write this with much gratitude.’ (Sarah A)