Sian (Morning Dailies)

What are the Morning Dailies?  For me they are what ground my day.  At the beginning of Lockdown I was dubious about yoga classes online…I used to attend Yvonne’s weekly yoga class going straight from work to end my day.  I appreciated the friendship and encouragement of the gathered group as much as I valued the taught practice.  Alongside this I tried to sustain a regular practice at home between classes (I can’t say that it was daily, but certainly several times between classes).  

At Lockdown I was designated a key worker and so have continued to work throughout this time.  I missed seeing my yoga buddies but my days were filled with ‘zoom’ and the thought of another lengthy session was one thing too many especially as I was shielding my daughter and toddler grandson so a ‘quiet space’ was elusive.  However, as time went on and they returned home I felt ready to try the shorter dailies, booking a week at a time meant I could always opt out again if it wasn’t for me.  I started tentatively with one or two sessions and enjoyed seeing familiar faces again.  The practicalities were so much easier to manage than I thought that I have continued to increase the sessions week by week, glad that their flexibility can fit around my still working from home. There is something special about the shared practice that keeps me focussed and encouraged.  Starting the day with yoga really energises me physically and mentally as I go on into my working day.  

I’m thankful for the attention Yvonne gives to the questions we ask and the challenges we’ve highlighted and appreciate the way she works with this in the next session – the following day – adjusting her instructions to assist us or modifying (and sometimes extending) postures to support us.  Working together this frequently has really helped my practice to grow – cobra was one posture I had really struggled with but now approach with fresh energy.  I am enjoying and feeling the benefit of the development of each focussed posture that comes from this regular engagement.  

I really recommend giving them a try to start, refresh or grow your yoga practice.  Thank you Yvonne for embracing the technology and being so adaptable in your teaching, I hope this continues to be the ‘new normal’.