‘I joined one of Yvonne’s Yoga classes  after a chance conversation at a mutual friends 50th birthday party. Having previously had only a few brief experiences of Yoga, I was concerned about my inexperience, but was encouraged by Yvonne’s welcoming and inclusive approach which made me feel able to join the group, and join in in the way that I was able to. Having discovered an issue with the flexibility in my shoulder after a short period of practice, Yvonne’s modifications of movements to facilitate this kept me going with the classes, as I worked through a medical solution (physiotherapy and, eventually, an injection) to the point that that issue is now fully resolved.

Having originally joined the class as an opportunity for gentle exercise and to promote flexibility, I quickly discovered that the beneficial effects were as much, if not more, mental as physical. Although I have not always been able to get to classes due to clashes with other commitments (usually work related!), I have found a great solace in the classes, as a haven of peace and brief respite from whatever is going on in the rest of life. It’s all still there when I return, but it feels that practicing Yoga with Yvonne has given me more strength to deal with issues, and has helped me to calm my mind. For this I am and remain immensely grateful.

I feel as if I have been on a journey, not only in time and space as the class arrangements have evolved, but in myself as I have hopefully become more adept at basic practice and the way in which the mental space and breathing has helped me. I hope the journey will continue.

Yvonne is an enormously supportive teacher, guiding me to progress in a way that I would not have thought possible, finding gentle but firm ways to redirect approaches without drawing attention to my ‘mistakes’ or many inadequacies! I have felt enormously supported and enabled to continue by an approach that says it’s OK to practice a modification of a posture; to recognise that as valid; to be half full rather than half empty; whilst still striving for more.

I’m very glad that chance conversation took place, and that I resisted my natural inclination to make an excuse to avoid something new and unknown’ (Sarah)