Chronic back pain

‘I’ve been a regular client of Yvonne’s for over ten years now. I first went to see her for help with relief for chronic back pain. I have a slipped disc and eventually, in my fifties, the pain became quite crippling and interfered with my ability to do my job. Initially Yvonne treated me with reflexology, and has since occasionally also used Thai massage.

I have always found her utterly professional in her approach, open and willing to discuss and explain, and totally sympathetic and understanding. My back and I have benefited enormously from her skills. Treatments take place in a calm, soothing environment, conducive to healing, and I always come away feeling physically better (stronger, or less achy, or relieved of a nagging pain) as well as generally uplifted. My back problem is, of course, a permanent one, although regular exercise (Pilates) and some medical interventions, alongside regular sessions with Yvonne have combined to make it entirely manageable.

I trust Yvonne totally and I know I’m in safe hands, which has always been very important for me. Other approaches I tried in the early days (chiropractice, osteopathy, physiotherapy, acupuncture) either made no difference at all, or actually caused me severe pain and frightened me off allowing anyone within a mile of my back. Yvonne has magic hands that channel empathy and healing. She is simply never allowed to move away from Bristol – I could not manage without her.’ (Shirley)