Ann (Morning Dailies)

It is almost 5 years ago since I first went to Yvonne for a massage and then joined her Wednesday Yoga class. Finding that really helpful I was saddened when lock down meant it no longer functioned. I appreciated it moving online, and then tried out the Morning Dailies.

What a blessing they have been – providing Yoga instruction to a group of up to 8 of us, every weekday morning at 9.00am (or 7.30 if other things get in the way). In these weird times they have provided a structure to each day and they have provided support from others – laughs and tears.

Even more than this, each practice has grown and developed during each week and I have found the cumulative effect really beneficial. I can now touch my toes. My neck is less knotted up. I can manage Cobra without my back pinching.  And I am finally beginning to understand the necessity of breathing practice. 

I know I am much healthier, both physically and mentally because of them. Thank you Yvonne