Ann Heymans

If you are missing your massage sessions with Yvonne because of the Covid 19 lockdown, I would thoroughly recommend her online work. The advice she gives is so helpful and her demonstrations very clear. She will work individually or she is giving classes throughout this strange time. Meeting with her and with other members of the yoga group really lifts the spirit and breaks through the isolation so many of us are experiencing.

I know I will miss the Ayurvedic Massage sessions that Yvonne has given me which have freed up the knots in my neck and shoulders and released the pain, but with her guidance and the online classes I know I can manage.

Yoga student -Kathie

Yvonne, you’re an inspiration and you embody the best of what is a challenging, alien and strange set of circumstances. Your posts and comments radiate warmth, generosity of spirit and positivity and for that I, and I’m sure many others, are truly grateful. Thank you for an excellent yoga session last night, even though it feels a little odd working on my own rather than in beautiful Yanley Court with our other lovely class-mates. The great thing about this new on-line way of working is that I can share you with a friend who has moved away but misses her yoga sessions with you terribly, so I will forward on your links in the hope she can be involved once again. Keep up your amazing work Yvonne, and please know that everything you do makes a real difference to our lives.

Morning Retreat

Some comments about the morning retreat:

‘… a quiet afternoon after a lovely morning.  Thank you for a lovely start to half-term’

‘… I did enjoy the morning it was perfectly paced. Thank you …’

‘… It was really lovely.  I’ve missed your classes in that beautiful space, and great to practise again in a group …’

‘… It was very different from other classes I have been to. Reflection is not my thing! I did find that we were standing too long which effectively seized up my lower back but it did recover.  It was good to get a different experience but I am not sure that it ticks my boxes. Thank you anyway’

‘… I thoroughly enjoyed the morning.  For me it was the right mix of yoga, discussions and meditation …’

‘... I think this morning was a real success … especially on a Sunday …’






Reiki courses

‘Following a wonderful Thai massage (gentle, effective and above all, healing), I approached Yvonne about Reiki training, as I knew that this was also an aspect of her holistic practice. I, along with three others, joined Yvonne for two days of absolute bliss. Yvonne’s open-minded, non-egotistical, loving and caring approach was a joy to be with over the course of the training. The teaching was more of an open-forum of discussion and healing, led by Yvonne’s experience and wisdom. Furthermore, the support doesn’t stop there – the group will be meeting up together with Yvonne to check in and to share healing. I cannot recommend this highly enough!‘ (Duncan)

Early Bird Yoga

‘So it was alarm in the dark, and scraping frosted windscreen then mad dash to get to the 7.30 yoga early morning session. My first at this hour at Yanley Court.

In candle lit semi darkness, we were a smal intimate group of 4 others. It was wonderful. The quiet and stillness. Witnessing the day awakening: at one point watching the gleam of sunshine on a way overhead aeroplane. And then such the gradual waking up of my body with a flowing sequence of poses. One of the highlights was in a floor based twist turning my head and seeing the frosted branches of the bushes outside with birds both still sleeping and also starting to flit around.

I would highly recommend this way of starting your Friday whether that be before work or the start of your weekend’


Menopause & Well-being

‘I can’t recommend Yvonne highly enough and I really do value her therapies, kindness and friendship. I initially went for my first consultation (2013) as I was struggling with some on-going back/neck problems (a lifetime of nursing) and some frustrating menopausal symptoms – night sweats, tiredness, insomnia; unsurprisingly I was not feeling myself and felt like I was losing the essential ‘moi’.

I would like to think (as a nurse) that I have always been open-minded with my attitude towards alternative therapies and how valuable they can be in supporting more ‘conventional’ therapies. I certainly did not want to start taking HRT – mainly because I wanted to take a natural approach to the menopause if I could, as it is after all a natural (but frustrating) process.  Reflexology has definitely helped improve my symptoms and ability to cope with a wide range of symptoms.

Several years on I am nearly symptom free and I still enjoy the feeling of wellbeing that reflexology gives me; overall it has been a great restorative and helped me to feel ‘balanced’ (and in control) again. More recently I have been introduced to Thai massage for my neck and I can completely trust Yvonne’s judgement on which therapy is likely to be best for me.’ (Julie)


‘My weekly yoga sessions are an hour and a half in my busy week dedicated just to me. Yvonne has an air of kindness, wisdom and genuine caring ; the loft environment is one of calm and our group is a happy balance of humour and acceptance. Everything is done at your own pace and within your personal limitations. There are always work arounds. Whatever your reason for considering yoga I recommend it – it’s good for the body and for the soul. ‘ (Anna)

Times of life

‘I started to see Yvonne for reflexology to help with hormone imbalance linked to menopause. The treatment was calming and supportive. I now have Thai massage which is enormously beneficial in undoing the strains and holding patterns in my body. I find that my time with Yvonne feels like respite from a busy world!’ (Lesley)

Reflexology & well-being

‘I started seeing Yvonne for reflexology.  The idea behind it was for an immune system boost (as I have suffered from frequent chest infections for many years) and for general health and well being, as well as the obvious chance to relax amidst a rather full life style. 

Yvonne is very calm and always seems genuinely interested in where I am. The reflexology is superb and I feel in such expert hands. I hold my monthly session in such high esteem and absolutely value the space that Yvonne creates in her therapy room. There is no expectation to bring or behave or be anything other that exactly who I am in the room. 

It is probably the only time I truly relax and let go in a very powerful and magical hour. Not only do I instantly feel better for having ‘let go’ but the long lasting and accumulative effect definitely has seemed to mean that my ongoing chest issue is changing for the better. 

Thank you Yvonne… are a fantastic therapist and enabler :-)’ (Nicky)

Chronic back pain

‘I’ve been a regular client of Yvonne’s for over ten years now. I first went to see her for help with relief for chronic back pain. I have a slipped disc and eventually, in my fifties, the pain became quite crippling and interfered with my ability to do my job. Initially Yvonne treated me with reflexology, and has since occasionally also used Thai massage.

I have always found her utterly professional in her approach, open and willing to discuss and explain, and totally sympathetic and understanding. My back and I have benefited enormously from her skills. Treatments take place in a calm, soothing environment, conducive to healing, and I always come away feeling physically better (stronger, or less achy, or relieved of a nagging pain) as well as generally uplifted. My back problem is, of course, a permanent one, although regular exercise (Pilates) and some medical interventions, alongside regular sessions with Yvonne have combined to make it entirely manageable.

I trust Yvonne totally and I know I’m in safe hands, which has always been very important for me. Other approaches I tried in the early days (chiropractice, osteopathy, physiotherapy, acupuncture) either made no difference at all, or actually caused me severe pain and frightened me off allowing anyone within a mile of my back. Yvonne has magic hands that channel empathy and healing. She is simply never allowed to move away from Bristol – I could not manage without her.’ (Shirley)

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