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Reiki Retreat

This was my first retreat and I suppose I was a little unsure what to expect but on arrival everything just fell into place. What an absolutely stunning location and a simply beautiful house with Yvonne to welcome us! The space quickly became our… Continue Reading “Reiki Retreat”

Reiki One Student

Lesley (Ayurvedic Health)

Yvonne starting to work as an Ayurvedic consultant was perfect timing for me. I have had cancer and I wanted to make lifestyle and well-being changes in my life. The knowledge and support that I have gained from working with Yvonne has been absolutely… Continue Reading “Lesley (Ayurvedic Health)”

Sarah (Morning Dailies)

Thanks so much for creating these – it’s been so wonderful to have been able to participate in these short, accessible yoga practices over the last 4 months or so. Whilst I did enjoy weekly classes in person (in what now feels like the… Continue Reading “Sarah (Morning Dailies)”

Ann (Morning Dailies)

It is almost 5 years ago since I first went to Yvonne for a massage and then joined her Wednesday Yoga class. Finding that really helpful I was saddened when lock down meant it no longer functioned. I appreciated it moving online, and then… Continue Reading “Ann (Morning Dailies)”

Sian (Morning Dailies)

What are the Morning Dailies?  For me they are what ground my day.  At the beginning of Lockdown I was dubious about yoga classes online…I used to attend Yvonne’s weekly yoga class going straight from work to end my day.  I appreciated the friendship… Continue Reading “Sian (Morning Dailies)”

Ann Heymans

If you are missing your massage sessions with Yvonne because of the Covid 19 lockdown, I would thoroughly recommend her online work. The advice she gives is so helpful and her demonstrations very clear. She will work individually or she is giving classes throughout… Continue Reading “Ann Heymans”

Yoga student -Kathie

Yvonne, you’re an inspiration and you embody the best of what is a challenging, alien and strange set of circumstances. Your posts and comments radiate warmth, generosity of spirit and positivity and for that I, and I’m sure many others, are truly grateful. Thank… Continue Reading “Yoga student -Kathie”

Morning Retreat

Some comments about the morning retreat: ‘… a quiet afternoon after a lovely morning.  Thank you for a lovely start to half-term’ ‘… I did enjoy the morning it was perfectly paced. Thank you …’ ‘… It was really lovely.  I’ve missed your classes… Continue Reading “Morning Retreat”

Reiki courses

‘Following a wonderful Thai massage (gentle, effective and above all, healing), I approached Yvonne about Reiki training, as I knew that this was also an aspect of her holistic practice. I, along with three others, joined Yvonne for two days of absolute bliss. Yvonne’s… Continue Reading “Reiki courses”