Reiki Shares

I began my reiki journey with some cynicism. It is a gentle teacher and constantly amazes me. How can something so simple be so profound?

Reiki is a meditative, relaxation practice encouraging self-awareness & healing. It is the state of connection and oneness

Reiki Shares – now in person (well that’s the plan …)

I offer regular shares for people to come together to share stories and reiki. These have been online due to COVID restrictions however providing restrictions steadily lift, in person shares will now take place. There will be a maximum of five people at the shares (including me).

If you would like to attend an in- person share we may need to agree to wear masks and work without direct contact with the window open. I will write nearer the time to confirm what is required. Just to warn you, I object to having the window open and the heating on so even though it’s summer, you will probably need an extra layer or two!

I will continue to monitor guidelines but really hope we will be able to go ahead in some form. I will aim to offer monthly, alternating between Monday evenings and Friday afternoons.

  • Friday 11 June (1330-1530)
  • Monday 5 July (1845-2045)
  • Friday 6 August (1330-1530)
  • More to be arranged
    • Full rate @ £10.00 / Lower rate @ £5.00
    • Directions to be provided
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