Reiki Mentoring

This is available to all levels of Reiki student/practitioner, whether you practice professionally or with friends and family. Over the years, meeting with my teachers has been very beneficial for my practice and with this in mind I am suggesting Reiki Mentoring as a way to develop your practice.

The role of mentor

A mentor guides and facilitates your development through their own learned experience and knowledge. I have been a therapist for nearly 25 years and practising Reiki for twenty of those years.

A mentoring session is a confidential and trusted space to focus on you as a practitioner. This allows you to develop both your personal and professional practice. Ideally, it will increase self-awareness of your strengths and highlight areas for improvement. Ultimately this will improve your confidence to work with Reiki for yourself and with others. Your time can include supervision and receiving Reiki if we decide this is appropriate.

If you want to talk about this way of working let me know and we can organise a time to talk or you can book an appointment online: contact

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