Reiki Spaces

As well as seeing clients for individual reiki healing, I teach courses to develop a personal Reiki healing practice and provide spaces to meet and share Reiki.  You can use Reiki to support your own meditation practice, develop awareness and find a mindful way of living.  Reiki is based on five precepts:

Just for today,

Do not anger

Do not worry

Be humble

Be honest (in your dealings with other people)

Be compassionate towards yourself and others

The spaces: If Reiki is new to you  you are welcome to come to a Reiki Share to find out more and see how you feel about giving and receiving Reiki.  If you want to study and learn about Reiki, there are courses available.  Finally, there are Reiki days to meet other Reiki practitioners to share stories, Reiki and cake.  Please follow the links to find out more: