reiki shares

These spaces are sometimes called reiki gatherings or healing circles. The shorter shares are open to everyone: those attuned to reiki and those who are have an interest in learning more about reiki. All that is needed is your presence and openness to give and receive healing.


The share begins with brief introductions and, if there are new people, a discussion on how to give and receive. It’s simple: place the hands on or above the body with a healing intention and trust that you will act as a conduit for energy to flow from a universal source to the person on the couch. Reiki is the conscious connection between each individual and their place in the world. We are all connected.

If you enjoy the space and feel drawn to learn more to deepen your connection and explore the subtleties of reiki, I recommend attending a reiki course.

How long each person is on the couch depends on the size of the group. Healing sessions last from 10 to 15 minutes. This is a powerful experience in a group. Each person takes turns to lie on the couch and has the opportunity to ask for something particular for themselves. How much people want to share or not share of their experience is a personal choice.

We bring our time to a close ensuring everyone felts heard and safe, before stepping back out into the world.

Reiki shares cost £10 pp. I have added some extra shares and as the year progresses there is a share about every 3 weeks, alternating between Monday evening and Friday afternoon.

  • Monday, 7 October 1900 – 2115
  • Monday, 4 November 1900 – 2115
  • (Elemental Workshop: Friday, 15 November 1330 – 1645)
  • Monday, 9 December 1900 – 2115

For those already Reiki attuned – extended Friday shares with space to reflect on the time of year and associated celebration, 1330-1645 (cost: £15 pp)

  • 20 September /Autumn Equinox
  • 20 December / Winter Solstice
  • Arrival from 10 minutes before start time
  • Maximum 5 people (minimum 2)

Message me if you would like to attend