Developing your Reiki practice (reiki II)

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Second Level Reiki deepens your connection to your own healing journey and with the foundation and development of reiki I. This course is suitable for everyone who wants to learn more about reiki and/or support their therapy practice and/or personal therapeutic journey. Reiki II looks more deeply at working with others and distance healing.

I am an independent teacher and not affiliated to any reiki bodies. I am a member of the IFR and AYS and have a teaching qualification. I just wanted to state that openly. Whilst I am insured to practice and teach, my courses are not accredited or recognised for CPD points.

If we have not worked together please organise to come to a reiki share or reiki day to see how you feel about the space and me as a teacher/practitioner: reiki sharesIt may be appropriate to study reiki I with me: reiki I course

During the Reiki II days we will aim to work with the following ideas:

  • Reiki II attunements and meditation
  • the practice of drawing and connecting to symbols and mantra
  • deepening your intention to connect and support: safely, ethically & with integrity
  • space to practice giving and receiving reiki
  • creating mandalas
  • sending distance healing and creating a healing book

Each group has its own energy, so other ideas might be developed as we work together. For everyone studying reiki II is a personal journey but for some it is also for professional use and recognition. To reflect this, I am offering two levels of study: the first level being for everyone and the second level as optional.  You do not have to decide now if you want to take the second level.  I will talk about it on the course and you can decide then or at some point in the future:

First level: your personal journey:

  • Attend two days and reflection meeting

Second level: for professional practice:

  • Receive a minimum of 4 reiki treatments from a practitioner of your choice (additional cost); providing a reflection of your experience
  • Complete and submit four case studies (16 hours in total) – these will be marked and provide a basis for supervision and discussion
  • Recommended: If you wish to practice reiki professionally, I strongly advise you commit to an Anatomy and Physiology course. Taking the time to study A&P shows a level of care and commitment to another person’s healing journey. Clients will often have issues that are being treated medically and it is important to be able to listen and make sense of information they share with you as a practitioner. Also having an understanding of the physical body can clarify intention and expectations. I believe this study is hugely supportive and necessary to being a rounded and competent practitioner. Courses can be found online or at local colleges. I would suggest a course that is independently examined. If you are qualified in another therapy, you have probably completed this level of study.
  • Required for practice insurance: Emergency at Work First Aid Certificate. This is a one day course and needs to be renewed every three years. These trainers are excellent and make first aid relevant for therapists: Holos Healthcare

Cost of Reiki II (payment due at time of booking)

  • For personal development only: £145
  • For personal and professional development: £245

Includes course booklet and Okuden (Reiki II manual – published by Taggart King, Reiki Evolution).

Dates of Course:

  • FULL Friday 16 and Monday 19 November, reflection meeting tba with group
  • More dates to be arranged for 2019

Cancellation policy information

If you have any questions or ideas you would like to discuss about this course, please do get in touch with me. If you feel ready to sign up please use the contact for: