Introduction to Reiki (reiki I)

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Reiki is a system of natural healing formalised by Dr Mikao Usui in Japan at the beginning of the 20th century. The tradition works with five agreements or precepts to encourage us to live mindfully and respectfully through our connection to spiritual energy. Reiki could be described as hands-on guided meditation where a healing space is offered without condition or promise.

Reiki differs from other healing traditions in that it has a meditative empowerment or attunement process to focus your intention.  There are different levels of Reiki (I, II and III). Allowing time between the different levels of teaching, provides space to develop sensitivity and connection to your own needs whilst working with the subtleties of the healing process. Reiki I focuses on your own healing journey; increasing self-awareness and connection to energy. It is not a professional practice qualification. It provides the foundation for a personal healing practice. If you are already a therapist, this level can focus on self-care when providing healing spaces for others.

Accepting support during your your healing journey is important. Please consider coming to reiki gatherings (healing circle) and receiving reiki from a qualified practitioner or another student.  A two day course is limited and whilst the application of reiki is simple, awakening to ideas of healing can be unsettling as well as exciting.  You may already see a practitioner but if not I am able to provide this space or suggest other practitioners

This course is suitable for everyone who wants to learn more about healing and/or support their therapy practice and/or personal therapeutic journey. Although this is a non-professional level, you can give Reiki to friends and family if you feel you would like to. Some practitioners decide Reiki I is all they need.

During the course you will spend time discussing some of the following ideas. The discussion often reflects the needs of the group:

  • What is healing?
  • What is Reiki?white-candle-flame-2
  • Connecting with energy
  • The power of meditation and ceremony
  • Working with intention and integrity
  • Introduction to the ideas around symbols and their use in meditation
  • Reiki precepts / principles
  • Sharing Reiki – giving and receiving
  • Distance healing
  • Very basic anatomy and physiology
  • The cakra system
  • Knowing our boundaries and staying grounded
  • The importance and practice of self-care

For a group course, there are three parts: 2 days and a review meeting. I hold courses in my therapy room at Yanley Court.  (If your situation requires, I can offer a one to one course in 4 parts.)  I teach groups of two to four students.

Dates: The next courses will be in 2019.  Please contact me and I will forward dates when they are confirmed.

Cost: Group course: £110 (includes course booklet and Shoden (Reiki I manual – published by Taggart King, Reiki Evolution)

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