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My reiki practice is focused on providing individual reiki appointments and reiki shares. I do not have set course dates. Read on to see how I approach teaching reiki …

Reiki is a mindful practice to strengthen and clarify our connection to ourselves, to others and to nature. In line with the 5 Reiki precepts, we try to live in the present with responsibility and awareness. I have developed my courses in line with the writings of Reiki Evolution (Taggart King) and my experience as a therapist and yoga teacher. Reiki I and Reiki II are for one day with an additional meet for reflection and there is an expectation that you will come to a minimum of two Reiki shares.

I am more focused in teaching a personal healing practice than teaching a professional qualification. If you want to practice professionally we can discuss this on an individual basis (there are some details about this below).

Often Reiki courses include elements of healing that are not part of the original teachings of Reiki. I have decided to keep these separate to the courses. If you are interested in exploring these ideas, you are welcome to come to an elemental healing workshop. These are discrete workshops; you do not have to be a Reiki person to sign up

If you would like to explore Reiki with me please get in touch. I like to teach small groups of four. A course would be up to 8 hours depending on number of people on the course; fewer people may lead to a shorter day.

Introduction to Reiki (or Reiki I)

We will explore the origins of Reiki and teachings of Mikao Usui. There is a ceremonial aspect in all of my Reiki courses which includes a guided meditative attunement process. We also discuss ideas about intention, energy work, looking after ourselves energetically, providing healing space for others, awareness and consider when it is appropriate to use Reiki. This course if focused on self healing and self development rather than working for others.

As part of the course, you are expected to attend a minimum of two Reiki shares. We meet in small groups on a Monday evening or Friday afternoon. Please follow the link to see what is involved: Reiki Share

  • Cost: £125 (includes Reiki Evolution Manual)
  • Additional cost: Reiki Shares (£10 per share)

Developing your Personal Reiki Practice or Reiki II

If you are looking to study Reiki II with me, ideally will have journeyed Reiki I together. This level develops the teaching and shared time of Reiki I. We spend time looking at Reiki symbols with mantra and yantra, clearing spaces energetically, connecting safely to energy and developing ideas about distant healing. Again you are expected to attend a minimum of two Reiki Shares.

  • Cost: £125 (includes Reiki Evolution Manual)
  • Additional cost: Reiki Shares (£10 per share)

Developing your professional practice to be arranged individually. This involves case studies, self reflection through journalling, receiving reiki and supervision. A four month commitment is suggested.

Exploring Elemental Healing workshops on Fridays 1330-1630

  • 8 November

Please contact me for more information or to book on one of the courses or workshops: Message Yvonne