Another beautiful day!

Morning! Thank you for letting me know your plans for the summer yoga sessions. At the moment, there are 3 or 4 spaces left for each of the evening classes and plenty for Friday morning.

There is a daytime Reiki share today, 12 – 2 pm. Let me know if you would like to come along. There are 4 more spaces.

Y x


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Supporting clients with cancer

‘Yvonne was a great help to me during my treatment and recovery from breast cancer. Throughout our weekly sessions her approach was both flexible and supportive. The therapy I received was personally tailored to how I was feeling that day. I enjoyed massage, reflexology and yoga. I always felt more relaxed afterwards and I am sure our sessions together contributed to me regaining full movement of my arm after surgery.  More recently I have continued to enjoy weekly group yoga / meditation classes with Yvonne that are thoughtfully planned and mindful of our individual circumstances’ (Anon.)

Times of life

‘I started to see Yvonne for reflexology to help with hormone imbalance linked to menopause. The treatment was calming and supportive. I now have Thai massage which is enormously beneficial in undoing the strains and holding patterns in my body. I find that my time with Yvonne feels like respite from a busy world!’ (Lesley)


‘I had signed up to a free taster session at the open day but sadly was unable to attend. Yvonne was so sweet she suggested I visit her on another day for my free session. I was impressed that she did this.

I have had Thai massage on a couple of occasions now and we are working on my jaw and hip – although at each session Yvonne in mindful of me as a whole person. I am also having treatment from my osteopath and she has commented on the improvement the joint treatments are achieving.

When I visit Yvonne I always feel I am treated holistically, with respect and kindness, by a professional who calls on all her training across various disciplines to decide on the best treatment. I am listened to and she also listens to feedback from me and my body and treats accordingly.

I leave my treatment feeling cared for and more complete and grounded.’ (Hazel)