A Positive Spin

I mentioned that I would find a positive spin regarding our current lockdown. I have found it difficult to organise my thoughts and feelings in order to project a positive image or message. It seems I can only share my own experience. You will have to find your own positive spin.

My experience of COVID has at worse been restriction and at best space. That is my spectrum. I sit in a position of privilege. I have no direct experience of COVID as an illness. I am told some really upsetting stories of loved ones dying or living with long COVID. I am also told stories where people had a flu type cold or were completely unaware they had the virus.

On Tuesday, the morning after the announcement of a third lockdown, I felt miserable. I was cross and emotional. The Tower card is a good representation of my state of mind. An image of destruction, dramatic change, of loss and ruin. It is the embodiment of disruption and conflict with the abrupt and jarring movement caused by the unforeseen and traumatic events. In summary, I had quite a strong reaction.

By Wednesday I had got my head together and heard from family and friends and clients. I was not isolated and I certainly was not having to do this on my own. What was going on was much bigger than me. My tower was not crumbling, far from it.

My reflections have led me to realise that I have personal obligations:

  • To be grateful that I am well
  • To be grateful that my family and, as far as I know, my friends are well
  • To acknowledge that restriction allows me to rest and take care of myself
  • To look up and enjoy the sky and the land
  • To be kind to myself and know my experience is unique
  • To know that fundamentally I am ok
  • To remember that all of the above is the truth – I’m lucky

These are not small things.

I strongly believe in the ripple effect. If you stay centred and take care of yourself, you can be in service which in turn creates warmth and protection for everyone, including you.

And then my social obligations:

  • To respect the restrictions and not add pressure to a system that is in crisis
  • To recognise that the system we are told about in the media consists of people who are individuals with their own families and friends and concerns
  • To know that small actions make a difference: be kind, be tolerant, be human
  • To give space but remain present

Obligation may seem an odd word to have bubbled up but it feels like the right one: it speaks of commitment and accountability. And that can be done in a spirit of love and generosity – turned towards myself as well as to others.

Does this resonate or does it irritate? What is your experience?

Let me know where you are with the Lockdown, the New Year or life in general. If you post a comment it will be public, if you would rather you can email me: Contact

With best wishes for a warm and healthy weekend, Yvonne x

In Person Therapy provision during Lockdown #3

Good morning!

During Lockdown #3, I am able to practice on a one-to-one basis with clients but only for an identified mental or physical health condition or injury that is causing pain or having an adverse impact on mobility or quality of life. However, the current situation is serious and worrying. To agree that an appointment is necessary, the benefits of meeting must outweigh the risk.

With this in mind, I have decided to delay opening for in person appointments for two weeks. I assume that my client base will respect the Lockdown and therefore have minimal contact outside of their households. We will all effectively be isolating other than for shopping and daily exercise so the risk of viral transmission should be minimised.

From Tuesday, 19 January, if you need bodywork or reflexology to relieve pain or facilitate mobility, please email me to arrange an online assessment with a view to booking an appointment. Additionally, if you have been referred to me (or advised to access a therapy) by a medical practitioner including osteopaths and physios, I am seen as part of your healthcare plan and therefore permitted to work with you. You will not be able to book in person appointments via the booking service, I will do this for you following our assessment conversation. We may decide that we can work virtually through self-help techniques rather than in person.

For many of you, appointments are to maintain good health and well being and I suspect you are happy to wait until we are out of Lockdown and I really hope that from the Spring we will be able to meet with fewer restrictions. It was always the view of scientists and medical advisors that the pandemic would be an issue until the Spring. I suspect we will be travelling this road for months to come. Please get in touch if you feel it would be helpful. We only need to physically isolate; the virtual world isn’t ideal in terms of human interaction but it’s better than nothing at all.

With love and best wishes, Yvonne

What can I say?

I am trying to put a positive spin on a situation which does not feel positive. Give me 24 hours and I might come up with something. In the meantime, all face to face/in person appointments are cancelled. There is a suggestion that I will be able to see clients for specific issues but I am waiting for my regulatory bodies to wake up and sift through the information. At the moment the government website is suggesting close contact services have to stop although you can seek therapy for medically related conditions.

Thankfully, we can meet online for:

  • Morning Dailies
  • Friday Early Birds
  • Wednesday Term Yoga
  • Guided Meditation
  • Reiki Shares
  • Coffee Pot Philosophy
  • Individual appointments for yoga, reiki and meditation

We could just meet up for a cup of tea!

Sending much love and encouragement to keep breathing and be kind

Yvonne x