Yoga Student Reflections

I am often asked the difference between attending a class and having an individual lesson.  Some of the students who come to classes also see me for one to one lessons, so I asked them if they would write a paragraph of their own experience:

‘Individual lessons with Yvonne has enabled me to enjoy a yoga practice at home most days, and I have really felt the benefits to both body and mind. The individual home practice she creates for me focusses on what I need most. Also, by suggesting minor changes to postures I can feel them working well for me, both at home and in class, so the classes are better too. I love Yvonne’s kind, intuitive and practical approach.’ CA

‘Yvonne’s private classes give you the chance of one-to-one feedback (I really appreciated that she took a photo to demonstrate that a posture was not as bad as I thought). She gave me a home practice tailored to my needs and seeing her has made me practice at home more. I would really recommend it as an add-on to classes or just on its own. You get caring, thoughtful help’ Anon

‘I have really enjoyed my 1:1 yoga lessons. I have been surprised how different it is to a group lesson. Yvonne really tailors the practise to me as an individual. This has hooked me in and now I practice yoga almost daily. The benefits have been huge. I feel like a different person. I have much more energy, am able to focus better and am enjoying the core strength and flexibility. I really look forward to my lesson with Yvonne and don’t mind setting the alarm for 6.30am so I can fit my practice in. Yvonne is very knowledgeable and I feel cared for during my sessions. We also have a bit of a laugh, which is always good.’ KL.


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Supporting clients with cancer

‘Yvonne was a great help to me during my treatment and recovery from breast cancer. Throughout our weekly sessions her approach was both flexible and supportive. The therapy I received was personally tailored to how I was feeling that day. I enjoyed massage, reflexology and yoga. I always felt more relaxed afterwards and I am sure our sessions together contributed to me regaining full movement of my arm after surgery.  More recently I have continued to enjoy weekly group yoga / meditation classes with Yvonne that are thoughtfully planned and mindful of our individual circumstances’ (Anon.)

Menopause & Well-being

‘I can’t recommend Yvonne highly enough and I really do value her therapies, kindness and friendship. I initially went for my first consultation (2013) as I was struggling with some on-going back/neck problems (a lifetime of nursing) and some frustrating menopausal symptoms – night sweats, tiredness, insomnia; unsurprisingly I was not feeling myself and felt like I was losing the essential ‘moi’.

I would like to think (as a nurse) that I have always been open-minded with my attitude towards alternative therapies and how valuable they can be in supporting more ‘conventional’ therapies. I certainly did not want to start taking HRT – mainly because I wanted to take a natural approach to the menopause if I could, as it is after all a natural (but frustrating) process.  Reflexology has definitely helped improve my symptoms and ability to cope with a wide range of symptoms.

Several years on I am nearly symptom free and I still enjoy the feeling of wellbeing that reflexology gives me; overall it has been a great restorative and helped me to feel ‘balanced’ (and in control) again. More recently I have been introduced to Thai massage for my neck and I can completely trust Yvonne’s judgement on which therapy is likely to be best for me.’ (Julie)

Reiki Courses

‘Having received some amazing healing reiki from friends over the years, that had quite unbelievable results, I decided that I wanted to know more about it. I regularly see Yvonne for reflexology and thai massage, knew that she was a reiki master and found that she was running a course on reiki I very soon. So I signed up and was lucky enough to have one to one tuition! I’ve just spent two wonderful days with Yvonne exploring energy and chakras, dowsing and crystals, cycles of the moon and seasons, amongst other things. Her room is so welcoming and calm and feels like a safe place to be and learn.  I’ve absorbed so much in just those two short days, about reiki and many other things.

After the atunements I feel much more receptive to and sensitive to energies and I’m keeping a diary of my own reiki practice to see how my journey progresses. I can’t wait to do do reiki II with Yvonne and feel very lucky to have found such a brilliant, knowledgeable and experienced teacher who passes on her knowledge with gentleness, warmth and humour.’ (Lizzie)