courses of therapy

If you know you want a course of appointments then you can buy a course of therapy at a reduced rate:

  • Four one hour appointments @ £170
  • Four 90 minute appointments @ £250
  • A Month of Reiki (4 appointments a week apart) @ £160

Bodywork & individual yoga course:

This is an excellent way to address the mind, body and breath connection to create greater awareness and insight.  What is this useful for?  An example is to explore recurring physical symptoms impacted by emotional well being or lifestyle; this could be chronic or acute.  Or you might want to improve your mental well being and feel that looking after yourself physically is the first step.  The combination of bodywork and yoga is powerful and more than a physical experience.  I suggest the first appointment includes a consultation and hands on work.  The second appointment focuses on yoga practice where we will create a practice for you to work with at home.  The rest of the course will be a combination of yoga and bodywork as required.  

Single Therapy Focus:

Sometimes clients have a favourite way of working, so book a course that focuses on one therapy.  If you decide to start this way and then become inspired to explore other therapeutic approaches, I am happy to change therapies.

Combining bodywork therapies

For 90 minute appointments combining therapies works really well.  Some clients like to start with massage and complete the session with reflexology and/or reiki.  This combination incorporates a whole body connection on a physical level, leading to reflective stillness.

NEW: A month of reiki:

Four weekly appointments of reiki to allow for a consistent approach and to let the journey unfold. You may have a specific focus or feel you need space to let something come into focus. The first appointment is 75 minutes long to give time to talk and discuss any questions; this is followed by three one-hour appointments.

For Individual Yoga Courses follow the link: individual yoga

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