Online Spaces

Starting in June:

If Yoga Morning Dailies fill up at 9.30 am, I will add more 8.30 am classes. This will be offered as an option when you book online – or you can contact me direct.

  • Classes and appointments can be booked online
    • For Appointments, choose Book Appointment in pull down menu or on left hand side of screen
    • For Classes, choose Book Classes in pull down menu or on left hand side – you need to click the cursor on the time you want
    • Last minute bookings book via me
    • If it all gets too much message me
  • Payment:
    • by card on the booking system
    • by BACs via me
  • Check your confirmation email; you can use this to alter your booking or cancel it
  • There are no cancellation fees for appointments for the time being but please give as much notice as you can

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