Household Learning Online

I have been a therapist for over 20 years, sharing my learning with my family. My boys are now in their 20s and see bodywork as an essential and enjoyable practice. These techniques have fostered a space of care and respect for ourselves and each other

We are having to finding different ways to connect and share space. I invite you to learn how to share stillness & relaxation techniques

Introduction to Reflexology

Learn techniques to calm, relax and connect. Most people have heard of reflexology. Using massage techniques and working particular points in the feet or hands, we work to balance the body and release tension. This therapy is particularly good at relieving stress and associated symptoms.

Introduction includes:
General foot and hand massage techniques
Working safely
Simple Anatomy and Physiology
Learning reflexology techniques to work reflexes generally and specifically
Self-help techniques
Having fun!

Equipment required:
At least two people
Feet and hands
A chair or massage couch or equivalent
Cushion, towel, blanket
Hand cream/body lotion (not too runny/greasy)
Pen and paper to make some notes

This introduction is offered per household, for 2 or more people (all ages). It can be a stand alone session with an option to book again to review and/or extend learning

I have been practising reflexology for over 20 years, I look forward to sharing my experience and understanding with you

(This is not a professional qualification)

Introduction to Thai Massage

Learn the basics of Thai massage to share with those in your shared space. This wonderful therapy has both a physical and energetic aspect. It has been a part of my own family practice since I trained over ten years ago. It is a wonderful way for parents and children and siblings to connect.

I am an experienced teacher and practitioner, having lead the Thai massage courses at BCMB in Clifton. I usually work on a massage couch but when I play with the family I work on the floor with the option of a chair for seated techniques

Safe practice
Time allowing, sessions can include: side lying, prone, supine and seated techniques
Basic Anatomy and Physiology
Working with the breath
Having Fun!

Equipment required:
Two or more clothed bodies! Wear clothes you can move in easily
Floor space
Some sort of floor mat eg futon, layered blankets, cushions
Pen and paper to make notes

(This is not a professional qualification)

Message me for more information or you can book online. Sessions last for two hours @ £50 per household: contact