Friday Early Bird Online


On Fridays there is an earlier class at 7.30 am. An early start for yoga and breathwork to prepare you for the week ahead and to give a great start to Friday leading into the weekend.

I hope this earlier class gives you the flexibility to maintain your regular yoga practice alongside family and work commitments. I am organising this as a drop in class.

If you come for a week of Morning Dailies at 9.00 am, these classes can be part of your weekly pattern.

  • Fridays, 0730-0815:
  • Full rate: £7.50
  • Lower rate: £6.00


Thanks so much for creating these – it’s been so wonderful to have been able to participate in these short, accessible yoga practices over the last 4 months or so. Whilst I did enjoy weekly classes in person (in what now feels like the olden days!) I often struggled to get there after work, and so having something at the beginning of the day, that I don’t even need to leave the house for (I mostly do the Early morning Zoom) has been a fabulous way to start the day and much more achievable! On more than one occasion it’s transformed my mood and how my body feels, a huge help in tackling the day. Just great!


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