Well-Being Wells

There’s plenty of information and direction for women to explore their ever changing bodies. Some is helpful, some is challenging, some is questionable.

We come in all shapes and sizes and our natural rhythms are impacted externally and internally. They begin before puberty and continue after the ‘perceived’ ending of menopause

We are constant change

My Well-Being Wells are for women to listen to their own wisdom. To take a few hours to listen to what your minds and bodies are telling you is needed for self-care and nourishment.

Whilst they are an opportunity to share your stories and listen to other women, it’s important for you to know that sharing is a personal choice it is not an expectation. I will also demand that the space is one of tolerance and compassion

This is the space to sit in before relying on external wisdom. We sometimes need to step outside the everyday demands to listen to our own wisdom and then we can decide if we have the resources or if we need support from family, friends and/or professionals

After a Well-Being Well, we need to revisit this wisdom through personal practice, allowing support from a teacher, a friend, a group … the choice is yours, it is YOUR practice

The gift of winter:

Saturday 25 November

The winter can be challenging for many but it is essential to our health and well-being. This day will be an opportunity for you to find a new way to be with the darker parts of the year or deepen your enjoyment of it. We will draw on our personal stories and explore yoga practice, Ayurvedic philosophy and healing meditation. I have added time to the day to give more space for wandering

  • 1000 – 1600, Saturday 25 November
  • Cost payable at time of booking:
    • Early Bird £55.00 (booking and payment by 13 October)
    • £65.00 (from 14 October)
    • Cancellation Policy
  • Teas and coffee will be available
  • Please bring
    • lunch
    • yoga mat and block (*I can supply a mat and block if you do not have your own), light blanket
    • journal / note pad
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