I am permitted to work in all tiers providing certain criteria are fulfilled. If you are a new client, please message email to arrange an online assessment to ensure we are working to Government guidelines.

I am developing a separate site for ‘all things womb’ and the name Embodied Woman. It is a work in progress, here is an introduction.

  • Yoga & bodywork for pregnancy & active birth
  • Yoga & bodywork for all women to focus on the different cycles and phases we live with and have to adapt to: puberty to menopause and beyond

There are already massage & bodywork options available during pregnancy on the booking page:

  • Massage & Bodywork on the futon
    • 75 minutes @ £60.00
    • 90 minutes @ £68.00
  • Reflexology on the couch
    • 60 minutes @ £48.00
    • 75 minutes @ £60.00

I will be posting some questions on the embodied woman facebook page to ask about your experience of perimenopause and menopause. This may have happened as a natural progression of your cycles or have been instigated by surgery or illness. I want to create yoga practice to support us during this phase which can last for years for many women. Once the menopause is complete the need to adapt continues

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