I offer both skin to skin massage with oil or clothed massage. My approach has developed through good teaching and clinical experience as well as personal experience of bodywork. The techniques I use incorporate ideas from Thai massage.

My initial bodywork training is in Thai massage which is both a remedial and therapeutic form of bodywork. It can encourage flexibility, relaxation and balance. It can educate the receiver about their body, creating a new awareness of what is possible, what is useful and what is less useful. You can start the massage feeling scattered and physically compromised and complete the massage feeling grounded, taller and centred.

Thai massage is centred on the premise that flow and balance of energy or lom is necessary for health and healing. Lom flows through sen (as chi flows through meridians or prana flows through nadis). Any disruption to the flow of energy will affect physical, mental and emotional processes, leading to pain and disease. Focusing on the main sen channels releases any blockages or stagnation. Pressing and stretching muscles makes them more receptive to energy flow. We can also access acupressure points for deeper focused work.

Techniques include effleurage, sequences of soft tissue pressing and combinations of stretching and joint mobilisation and use of acupressure or marma points. Considered deep tissue techniques are also incorporated for specific attention to muscle groups. I always work within the client’s comfort levels; if you are in pain it makes no sense to create more pain. The nervous system appreciates being allowed to relax and let go of the stress of discomfort.

Before we start, we will discuss the focus of your massage and I will ask you about your story to allow for a holistic and individualised approach. If we work with oils, I will ask you to undress to your underwear and we will work with a system of drapes and towels to keep you comfortable and warm. If we decide to work through clothes it is best to wear something comfortable and light – natural fibres are best. All massage is received on a massage couch. Occasionally some seated massage may be appropriate.

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