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Retreats@Sycamore 2023

I am really pleased to be able to offer an affordable retreat programme for 2023 in the beautiful Shropshire Hills. There are four weekends, you can come to one or more A retreat is an opportunity to step out of time and connect to… Continue Reading “Retreats@Sycamore 2023”

Next term: Yoga and Meditation

I have been in Shropshire reconnecting with family friends and exploring retreat ideas for yoga and reiki. It’s a stunning location (I will be writing more later in the month). Unexpectedly, the week turned into my own mini retreat and I am inspired to… Continue Reading “Next term: Yoga and Meditation”

*New Date* Reiki Chat (In person/Zoom)

An invitation to find out about the philosophy and practice of Reiki. You may be considering signing up for a course or booking an appointment or just be curious and have questions you would like to ask If you come to me for reiki… Continue Reading “*New Date* Reiki Chat (In person/Zoom)”