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What’s going on?

Wednesday yoga Yesterday was the last day of the yoga term. We return Wednesday, 26 February for a six week term with three new faces. At the moment there is one space in the 6 pm class and the 7.30 pm class is full.… Continue Reading “What’s going on?”

Reflexology in Pregnancy

I am often approached by women who have reached their due date and are still waiting for labour and their new baby to arrive.  Reflexology has wonderful reviews for ‘getting things started’.  Other approaches can also help.  Reflexology is a therapy for all the… Continue Reading “Reflexology in Pregnancy”

Thai massage bodywork for antenatal and postnatal care

Thai massage is both a remedial and therapeutic massage. This form of bodywork is growing in popularity but is still misunderstood. I hear stories of being forced into unnatural positions or practitioners walking up and down the back. Asian bodies are amazing for their… Continue Reading “Thai massage bodywork for antenatal and postnatal care”