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Bits and pieces

It’s been a while since I’ve written with any news. I have been immersed in courses and study. It’s been lovely to put the books down and enjoy the Spring air!

The newest change to my practice is Ayurvedic massage and I am really looking forward to sharing this with you. A two hour full body massage – marmabhyanga – is available. It’s an amazingly deep, personalised, restorative massage using herb based oils. There is the option of a more focused one hour Ayurvedic massage: ayurvedic-massage

Ayurveda and Yoga are sister philosophies with both practices complementing the other. So an obvious space to offer is a Retreat for One to have a deeper reflective experience: retreat-for-one

Sen Lines, Thai Medicine, British Library

My Thai bodywork practice continues. Having used both the couch and the futon, I now practice solely on the massage couch. Unlike Ayurvedic massage, this massage is received through clothes. Both approaches have similar energetic principles. Which to choose is often a combination of familiarity and personal preference. Please contact me if you want to discuss which would be more suitable. Information for can be found here:thai-massage-bodywork

Yoga classes continue for two more Wednesdays then we stop for Easter. We return in the last week of April. As well as the Wednesday classes, Friday Early Birds returns. This is structured differently to last year. All links to the classes, individual lessons and retreats can be found here: yanley-yoga

From 1 April my prices will be increasing. Yoga classes and individual lessons (except courses) remain the same, as do Reiki options: Prices