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What’s on: follow the links

Monday Morning Reiju – available from Monday morning. This week’s card is Water Guardian. I would be interested to know how this week’s Reiju is received, do send me a private message Contact Morning Meditation Hazel is the focus: wisdom & inspiration. Two meditations… Continue Reading “What’s on: follow the links”

Massage and Bodywork

I’ve been using my family and a friend to revisit techniques and roll out the futon. I had to stop my floor practice while my body adapted to the life of a mature woman … I’ve added some options to my massage and bodywork… Continue Reading “Massage and Bodywork”

Experiencing bodywork online

Here is one person’s experience of bodywork online. If you are missing your hands on appointments, perhaps I can teach you some self-help techniques to release tension and bring ease to your situation: If you are missing your massage sessions with Yvonne because of… Continue Reading “Experiencing bodywork online”