This week

A reminder that a six week online yoga term starts on Wednesday evenings:

  • Time: 1800-1900 or 1915-2015
  • Cost: £55.00

We will be exploring forward bends to develop the exhale. I have prepared some basic information about the Ayurvedic concepts of brmhana and langhana and the breath cycle. This will be available to read 10 minutes before the class. It will just keep cycling round the seven slides so if you come in part way, it will begin again and will be available to read every week.

If the term classes are not possible, the Morning Dailies continue. We are using the autumn to explore pranayama, starting with employing ujjayi consistently in asana/postures and during a short seated breathing practice.

On Friday there is an online reiki share:

  • Time: 1400 – 1500
  • Cost: Full rate £6.50 / Lower rate £5.00

On Monday we met for an online guided meditation, we journeyed to the beach. The next evening meditation is Monday, 28 September

Appointments are available for all therapies: massage & bodywork, reflexology, reiki and individual yoga lessons (in Long Ashton). You can use the online booking system or contact me to discuss options

Yvonne 🙂

A reminder

I am now on holiday, returning to work Monday, 14 September. Please use the online booking for appointments and classes. To book classes, look to the left of the booking app screen and there is an option to ‘Book class’. You are welcome to email me with your request but my reply will be delayed until I return and catch up with emails: contact

See the Timetable for Online Classes and/or click the links below

Yvonne x

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