Ayurvedic Chat

Some short clips to introduce ayurveda. These are my customary rough cut productions! The first video is the latest chat then you can scroll down the page to see older recordings. Send me a message or leave a comment to share your understanding, ask questions or book a time to talk

Latest Chat: Nourishment through lifestyle

I asked a client to have a listen before posting this as I’m sharing my personal story. When I asked him if it chimed with his experience he said ‘Yes! I made small changes which made a difference and now the small changes I’m making are making the differences larger‘. If I could work out how to add a beaming smiling emoji I would 🙂 !!

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Definition of & Picture of Health in Ayurveda

Dosas & Elements in Ayurveda

This is a brief introduction to doṣas and elements. There is much more to say but I hope this gives a starting point to understand their importance in Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Cooking

(courtesy of YouTube, Banyan Botanicals)

Ayurvedic Lifestyle as Self-Care

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  1. I quite enjoyed this. Loved seeing you and hearing your voice💗

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