What is often lacking in our lives is self-care and nourishment. There is always a story behind why we do and why we don’t do. I have never been drawn to nutrition regimens but Ayurveda is not a regime. It’s a process

Ayurveda is a philosophy and practice adopted over 5000 years. It does not change because of trends. It aims to encourage lightness in mind, attitude and the body; it is a sister philosophy to Yoga.

The teachings of Ayurveda can be applied to any culture. You will not need to adopt practices and tastes that do not fit with how you want to live. We need to work out what would help you to find and sustain the healthiest version of you. To sustain your practice, you need to enjoy doing it and have a tasty diet to support it

Ayurvedic Mentoring

 'It's wonderful to be really listened to and to have what I have said reflected back to me ... I'm so much less anxious ... my skin and hair are no longer dry. Hair loss seems to have stopped! 
I don't jump between topics when talking, am much more stable in what I say'
- Ayurvedic Client
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