The importance of personal practice

I wanted to remind you of the power of committing to personal practice. A personal practice needs to be the right practice for you and something you prioritise. As well as providing safe refuge from the busyness of life, it also offers development and learning.

Not all personal practice has to be done in isolation. I’ve have been asked a couple of times about my request for a term commitment to classes. This feels particularly important for the ‘live classes’. Ideally you become familiar with the practice and as the weeks move on, I step back. This allows you to focus on your own experience and cultivate discernment. Only you know how your body and mind are responding to the practice. I am there as teacher and guide. By the final lesson, the class is quieter and focused. As a teacher, it is the ultimate experience to see students immersed in their own practice.

My personal practice includes: yoga and my relationship with my teacher, a connection to Ayurvedic living, receiving bodywork, being in nature alone or with friends, finding regularity and consistency in the everyday. This foundation allows me to be aware of my needs and makes me accountable for meeting them. If I cannot, I ask for support. My practice maintains my health and presence of being so I am available for my relationships whether that is family, friends or the community that has developed through my work.

The act of regular practice can reduce discomfort and pain, improve immunity, improve digestion, stabilise energy levels and promote good sleeping routines … If you are accessing practices online and there is an amazing array of classes and practices to choose from, I recommend the following:

  • Find one teacher you relate to. Commit to one practice they offer and work with it over time. Resist the temptation to jump from one thing to another
  • Try to practice at regular times, eg mornings or evenings
  • Aim for three times a week and if you do more, it’s a bonus
  • Be discerning: why are you drawn to the practice? what is your response to it, during and after? is it working for you?

Do have a look at these pages to see if you would like to join a class or come to the well-being day in November. We will be looking at personal practice particularly for the Winter ahead

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