Yoga after Easter

To join yoga classes after Easter, you can book online. Here’s a screenshot showing you where to find the class information when you go to the booking page

TERM BOOKINGS (six weeks)

Please book the first lesson of the class term you wish to attend. You do not need to book every week as you know you have signed up for the term and I assume you have a self-reminding service in place.

Do keep your confirmation email in a safe place as you will need this to access the online class link 

  • 0700-0730 from 17 April: ONLINE Monday Yoga and Meditation @ £38.00 (includes weekly recording)
  • 0730-0815 from 21 April: ONLINE Friday Early Morning @ £47.00
  • 0945-1045 from 21 April: IN PERSON Friday Long Ashton yoga @ £67.00
  • 1115-1215 from 21 April: IN PERSON Friday Long Ashton Yoga @ £67.00

Weekly bookings 

Only available for ONLINE classes. If you cannot sign up to the term, you can book for individual classes. Please do this at least 24 hours ahead of the class. 

  • 0700-0730 ONLINE Monday Yoga and Meditation @ £8.50 / class (includes weekly recording)
  • 0730-0815 ONLINE Friday Early Morning @ £8.50 / class


Please pay for terms and individual classes at time of booking. This can be done through the booking system or you can email me for payment details (scroll to end of booking page and skip the payment option)

To ask questions or for more information, you can send me an email: Contact

With thanks Yvonne

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