Retreats @ Sycamores

This weekend was the first of four retreats in the Shropshire Hills. Thank you to everyone who journeyed north to create an inspiring and uplifting retreat, full of yoga, reflection and laughter.

The next retreat is in June and is reiki focused. I have two more yoga retreats planned for September and November. Now I have worked and lived in the space, I will be making a few small changes to the retreats offered, details will be published soon and I will write more about this weekend. In the meantime, here is my poem and a few photos from walking the valley.

2 Comments on “Retreats @ Sycamores

  1. So moving and a gift that marked the end of the retreat. Thank you Yvonne

  2. What a moving poem – I love the phrase “healing crone” – she sounds like figure in a folktale, climbing the hills and meditating by the fire.
    Thank you!

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