Next term: Yoga and Meditation

I have been in Shropshire reconnecting with family friends and exploring retreat ideas for yoga and reiki. It’s a stunning location (I will be writing more later in the month). Unexpectedly, the week turned into my own mini retreat and I am inspired to organise classes differently next term. Although I am still off work, I know some of you will be getting organised and need to know what is available.

(** If you have made payment, I will be in touch next week to discuss how you want to shape your yoga term and we can sort out where we are with the money)

  • Long Ashton Yoga (In-Person) starts Friday 4 November
    • 1000-1100
    • Open to all but particularly suited to Beginners and Returners
    • £45 for a four-week block
  • Online Early Monday Yoga & Meditation starts 7 November (combines Monday’s meditation and yoga classes)
    • 0700-0730
    • A short and simple asana practice, seated breathing and meditation
    • £6.50/class or £35 for six weeks
  • Online Wednesday Term Yoga starts Wednesday, 9 November
    • 1830-1930
    • £60 for six week term
  • Online Friday Morning Yoga starts Friday 11 November
    • Two classes on Friday: 0730-0815 and 0830-0930
    • £8.50/class or £48 for six weeks

I will be back next week to answer your questions. In the meantime, do follow the links to have a look at what is being offered

Also available – online reiki shares return

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