My Developmental Retreat

Morning! I have something to share.

I will be taking January off to develop ideas and consolidate my learning of the past 25 years. It is my Developmental Retreat. January is a short time away and both appointments and classes will be affected. I want to give you notice so you have time to ask questions.

All of the therapies I practice are influenced by my yoga and Ayurvedic practice. It is time to bring clarity to the skills and practices I have learned and create a centre rather than an ever-widening web. I also have a body of work I want to explore: our relationship with change.

I am unsure of the shape of January but suspect as the month passes, I will update you. Here are a list of dates that I do know

I am not stepping away from work. This is my gift to honour the time and commitment I have given to study and practice which ultimately, I will share with you

Namaste 🙏

One Comment on “My Developmental Retreat

  1. Thank you Yvonne for communicating this with all of us. Yes indeed, it’s very important to give yourself this time.

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