Reiki Spaces

It seems only right that I follow up my quiet rant with information to access Reiki. (If you missed the rant which is a good introduction to Reiki, the film is at the end of the blog)

Just for yourself

As a therapy. There is not a standard response to Reiki but here are some common responses. When we receive Reiki, a deep meditative state is often reached. This can allow us to step outside the normal everyday and encourage answers to arise or pertinent questions to form. We are able to detach momentarily and find a new perspective. We may see that we are doing everything we can in this moment and what is needed is to trust in life. Sometimes physical tension dissolves and muscular discomfort and blocks release. What has been stuck becomes unstuck

A client said to me that when she comes for Reiki she doesn’t feel like she has to be cured. She does not feel the pressure to say that she feels better. But having taken a breath she is is ready for the journey to continue

In community & study

Reiki courses are arranged in three levels with a course of study at each and still the emphasis is on your own personal practice. All courses have a period of preparation with a one or two days of workshops to focus on practical exercises. Learning is ongoing – Reiki is a practice just like yoga, meditation or a martial art

  • Reiki I: the start of personal Reiki practice through study and meditation exercises. Many students decide this is all they need
  • Reiki II: a continuation and deepening of Reiki I with the option to offer Reiki to others
  • Reiki III: further study to increase personal development, with the option to teach Reiki

Some students study all three levels still intending to focus on their own personal practice. In my experience, as students develop and benefit from Reiki, they are drawn to working with others whether this is family, friends or paying clients

Community is the thread through Reiki levels. We regularly meet to share Reiki and study together. This happens on Friday afternoons (once a month is the aim) in my therapy/teaching room or in nature

The Reiki Precepts

The central principles of Reiki guide life and relationship. These are the heart of Reiki practice. They are a call to stay present and be actively present. To be aware of our state and how we respond to others and our environment

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