Finding the good news

I am reading John O’Donohue’s book ‘divine beauty – the invisible embrace’. I did not consciously act on what I read but maybe it is having a more profound effect on me than I realised. He writes ‘If we attempt to own beauty, we corrupt it. When soiled or damaged, beauty can turn negative and destructive. It is ultimately a sacred manifestation and should not be trespassed by our lower hungers. In the presence of beauty, we are called to be gracious and worthy.’

I’ve issued an invitation on Instagram and Facebook. Please join me and share the link if appropriate

Stories are actively sought and shared to cause reaction and sensation. Let’s actively share stories and moments that cause joy and hope

A Heart Moment can be fleeting but it touches the heart and pulls the lips to smile. You can share my heart moment or share your own, on my pages or on your own. I’ve already been gifted with images of home grown vegetables, flowers and children playing in the rain

Twenty four hours in and my heart is in a better place


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