Just Giving Early Morning Meditation No.7 (2nd week)

Thank you for supporting the meditations in aid of the British Red Cross. Here’s the link to this morning’s recording. Same password as last week.

Today’s card is Shaolin Master, be graceful in movement and action. We are invited to slow down, connect to the breath and flow with a gentler approach. This card reminds me to follow my own path and intuition and to let others follow theirs. If we meet on the same path that’s a real bonus

Prana mudra

I’m rather enjoying exploring the hand mudras. To connect to the card energy, I’ve chosen Prana Mudra (Life Mudra). Place the tips of the thumb, ring finger and little finger together. The other fingers need to remain extended. We are using a light approach to our hand mudra practice. It is suggested that mudras need to be held for 15 minutes to an hour as a regular practice in order to feel the benefits.

Prana mudra increases vitality, reduces fatigue, rests the nervous system and improves vision. It increases our stamina and self-confidence, bringing clarity and courage. With all those benefits, we will stay with this mudra for the rest of the week and compare our experiences.

I hope you enjoyed today’s meditation

If you would like to support this Just Giving Fund Raising Event, follow the link and sign up for the meditations, live or recorded. The theme of the two weeks is community and connection. I hope it will sustain you whilst supporting an amazing charity.

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