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This week I have been guided by @thetherapeuticyogi to take part in a community spring cleanse. The best times of the year to follow a cleansing diet and practice are the start of Spring and of Autumn, as we turn from one season to the next. The late winter to early Spring is the time of kapha. This energy is heavy, static and damp. As we meet the movement of Spring, our bodies begin to wake up and try to expel the accumulation and congestion of the darker months. We tend to become blocked and have damp coughs and colds hence the need to cleanse and release the excess.

We have met regularly online and the approach has been inspiring. Rather than a list of rules of dos and don’ts, we have been offered a self-care retreat to work with as an individual. The first five days suggests cutting down caffeine, alcohol and sugar, and the food we grab on the run. Some simple routines and self care practices are introduced. The next five days is a simple mono diet alongside more self care. The final five days expands the diet and focuses on improving our immunity and vitality whilst creating sustainable mindful practices.

We have met at 6.30 am for short meditations and I have been consolidating my own yoga and Ayurvedic practice with the support of this gentle and supportive community. With each day there is a commitment to the process and reflection (sounds a lot like kriya yoga …).

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My reflections from the week:

  • Be gentle with myself rather than feeling the need to be strong
  • Be kind with myself rather than impatient
  • Each day is a new beginning to be received as a gift
  • With support I can be vulnerable
  • One change is a change
  • There is always something to learn
  • My body needs space as well as my mind
  • Confirmation: dawn is the best time of day
  • I am enough
  • I am not responsible for others but I am required to be fully present in their presence

Happy weekend everyone! x

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